The Best Anti Wrinkle Cream – Ingredients To Look For And What Ingredients To Avoid


As you have more than likely already discovered, trying to find the best anti wrinkle cream can be quite a daunting task. After all, there are literally thousands of different products on the market, and if the manufacturers are to be believed, every single one of them is the best one.

What really puzzles me is why so many of the big brand name manufacturers have to rely on computer software in order to enhance images of the models they use in their advertizing campaigns. In recent times, several adverts have been pulled because the images were deemed to be misleading. Surely if an anti aging cream or lotion really works, it won't be necessary to enhance images to a point where they are no longer considered to be acceptable.

What Ingredients Should a Good Cream Contain?

There are far too many "good" ingredients for me to list in just a single article, so instead, I will just name a few which have well and truly caused a stir within the cosmetics industry:

* Vitamin E

* Vitamin A (Retinyl Palmitate)

* Active Manuka Honey

* Lanolin

* Grape Seed Oil

* Sheep Placenta Extract

Vitamin A is virtually an essential ingredient, as is vitamin E, but not all forms of vitamin A are desirable in anti aging skin care products. These days retinyl palmitate is generally considered to be the best form of vitamin A since it is not only a powerful antioxidant, but it also tends to stimulate collagen production.

Manuka Honey is "specialized" type of honey that is imported from New Zealand. If you have been paying close attention developments within the cosmetics industry, you might have noticed that we're seeing this honey being added to an ever increasing number of products, and particularly to anti aging serums and etc. Let's just say, if a cream does not contain this ingredient, then it simply cannot be the best anti wrinkle cream on the market.


Lanolin does not need much of an introduction because most people are already familiar with this natural "moisture retaining" barrier. It is a tried and tested moisturizer as well, and it has been used in all types of skin care products for decades already.

Grape Seed Oil is another up and coming skin care ingredient, although it still has not found its way into all that many products. However, it is known to help reduce fine lines, and especially those which appear around a person's eyes. My guess is that we will soon see this ingredient gaining ground within the industry.

Sheep Placenta Extract was first made available to the public in a limited number of Swiss skin care clinics. However, it was only available in the form of injections, and because of the high cost (roughly $22,000), it was well beyond the reach of most people. Fortunately times have changed, and the cost has come down enough to allow some manufacturers to add it to their creams and serums.

What Ingredients Are Best Avoided?

Again, there are literally thousands of ingredients which I would personally never use on my skin. In a nutshell, it is best to avoid any skin care product containing chemicals. The plain and simple truth is chemicals damage your skin, and quite often your health as well. If there are a bunch of chemicals present in a cream or lotion, then there is just no way anyone can say it is the best anti wrinkle cream.